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SandBeau Story and Values

By growing up practically by the beach in Peru, and then moving to Florida, USA where there is an endless summer, I had the chance to live by the 2 biggest oceans, both beautiful in their own ways. I also got the chance to move to a multiracial country, USA, rich in different cultures giving me opportunities to meet, enjoy different cultures without having to travel to other countries.


By living next to the ocean my whole life and experiencing different cultures with an open perspective, I see patterns as feelings, and designs as love for your creation. Mixing these values with the figures, and ideas that come to my mind for designing, together with my passion for art, music, nature, education and fitness are the drivers behind Sandbeau creation in a unique way. These garments want to bring a refreshing fun style with a touch of classiness.




Good business starts with a good foundation of sound values.


Love: yourself, what you do and others
Uniqueness: we are all special
Care: for yourslef and every other living life
Empowering: we can fulfill our dreams on our ways and also by helping others

For that reason we will be donating a portion of our profit to Compasion, a Peruvian/Dutch non profit ONG. Con Pazion empowers underpriviledged children by offering free quality holistic education. Their mission is to create meaningful and sustainable improvent for students regarding their existing circunstances by providing balance approach to life, practical holistic skills, general education and suplementing with mindfulness, art, values, health and Enviromental awareness.

In Sandbeau, we believe that growing up with a quality education is the key to have a balance life that brings joy to one. 
Our vision is to create and feel love within and towards others, staying present in a happy balance life full of adventures.

Sandbeau would not have been possible without the love and help of my Family, each on their own unique way.



As we are aware for the environment we are turning eco friendly, this new collection brings the green Sandbeau life... we see that the world is in need of a positive change, and it's in our hands to make it happen. We are now eco-friendly and we believe in constant improvement, we have a long way to go.

Eco friendly-bikinis are made with recycle, and biodegradable yarn, also garments are made in small batches done by Hand with love.

The Tags are made eco-friendly, with recycle paper.

we don't use bikinis size and wash tags; all the info is in on the paper tag to reduce waste.

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